Liverpool fans and Hillsborough groups have emotive safe standing debate

• Spirit of Shankly group organised Saturday’s meeting in Liverpool
• Opinion remains divided but rail seating options are proving popular

Liverpool fans are to vote on the introduction of rail seating in football stadiums following a constructive and at times emotive meeting on safe standing. As Damian Kavanagh, one of roughly 100 people who attended the two and a half hour discussion, put it: “This is uniquely complicated for us. We should be full, front and centre of the debate because we lived with Hillsborough.”

Momentum is growing in favour of the return of standing in the top two divisions of English football. The success of Celtic’s pilot experiment last season – now a permanent feature at Celtic Park – has given further impetus to a campaign long promoted by the Football Supporters Federation (FSF). For Liverpool, however, and particularly those affected by the 1989 disaster, it is a sensitive and complex issue that divides opinion, although on the evidence of Saturday’s public meeting the tide is turning marginally in favour.

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