Liverpool face key call over how to use Mohamed Salah against Real Madrid

Jürgen Klopp can ask Salah to drop and help Trent Alexander-Arnold or concentrate on exploiting the space behind Marcelo and the Brazilian’s defensive weaknesses

Nothing, perhaps, should give Liverpool such heart ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final as Bayern Munich’s first goal against Real Madrid in the second leg of the semi.

Nothing dramatic happens. Franck Ribéry turns in from the left flank and plays an unremarkable low pass in to Robert Lewandowski in a central position on the edge of the box. The ball bounces up in front of the Polish striker and his first touch as a result takes him away from goal. He is able, though, to shield the ball and, as Sergio Ramos decides to sit off, Lewandowski has time to work the ball wide left to Thomas Müller who is, bafflingly, in 15 yards of space, out on the right touchline, roughly level with the edge of the box.

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