Lindsay Jacobellis shouldn’t be remembered as a serial loser but she will be

The US snowboarder doesn’t deserve to be remembered for her failure to win Olympic gold. But deserve, as they say, has nothing to do with it

The redemption arc is one of the most reliable Olympic tropes and there were few juicier ones entering these Winter Games than Lindsay Jacobellis. She is the most decorated athlete in the history of snowboard cross, a woman who has won everything except an Olympic gold medal.

Twelve years ago Jacobellis, as you may recall, was responsible for one of the most infamous gaffes in Olympic history. Five seconds clear of the pack in the first ever Olympic snowboard cross final, she went for a trick on the penultimate jump to punctuate her certain victory, only to eat it on the landing as Switzerland’s Tanja Frieden whizzed past her for the gold.

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