Lewis Hamilton’s London F1 snub harms brittle relationship with British fans | Giles Richards

British driver shoots himself in the foot days before his home grand prix at Silverstone just as he finally seems to be feeling the love he craves

Silverstone will host a legion of fans this weekend revelling in Lewis Hamilton’s skill behind the wheel, yet this master of the Formula One universe still harbours doubts as to how they really feel about him. Willing and wilful, his character is compelling and complex, so it may be little wonder he still feels the need to prove himself to the British public.

Hamilton, who trails Sebastian Vettel by 20 points in the championship, has three world titles and one more would make the 32-year?old the most successful British driver of all time. There has been glory and disappointment and through it all he has worn his heart on his sleeve but he still believes he is misunderstood by those who will flock to the unglamorous but much-loved former airfield.

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