Lewis Hamilton looking to claim his fifth title with due panache | Giles Richards

The reigning champion is already the third British driver to clinch the crown in Mexico, following Surtees and Hill, but he will hope to do it in finer style than he did last year

It seems almost certain that Lewis Hamilton will finally close out his fifth world title in Mexico City on Sunday, seven days after being denied in Austin. He will take huge pleasure in having done so regardless of where it is secured yet it is not hard to imagine that he will want to give this remarkable achievement a fitting finale, one of panache, confidence and control to reflect a superlative season.

John Surtees, without doubt among motor sport’s greats, won his championship here in one of F1’s most dramatic season deciders. Hamilton will undoubtedly want to close out his title as Surtees did with a suitably celebratory piece of sporting theatre.

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