Leonardo Bonucci makes it hard to feel any optimism for Italian football | Paolo Bandini

The Juventus defender’s claim that teammate Moise Kean shared the blame for monkey chants aimed at him against Cagliari felt staggeringly ill-judged

Massimiliano Allegri explained his decision to leave Moise Kean out of the Juventus starting XI that faced Empoli over the weekend as a move to protect the player. “My challenge is to understand when he’ll recover from this crush that the media has on him right now,” said the manager. “If he doesn’t touch the ball in the next game, they’ll make him into a donkey.”

Kean came off the bench instead, scoring the game’s only goal with his first touch. Perhaps, after that, Allegri accepted that this hype train was already running beyond his control. Or maybe Juventus simply had too many injuries to leave Kean out of the side that lined up away to Cagliari on Tuesday night.

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