Leicester’s Telusa Veainu: ‘I had to take a big fall and I learned so much’

The Tigers full-back took time to time to settle in England – despite playing well – but he now feels at home and is showing off his array of skills

In Leicester they simply adore watching TV. Not the gogglebox in the lounge but the box-office attraction who wears the No15 shirt. Telusa Veainu’s surname may be full of vowels but it spells consistent trouble for opposing defenders. Name a Premiership category – defenders beaten, metres made, clean breaks – and the 26-year-old is usually in the top three. There are few better steppers in a confined space anywhere in the world.

But hang on a second. For all the dynamite in Veainu’s feet, focusing only on his athletic prowess ignores one of modern rugby’s more remarkable personal journeys. Forget, for a moment, the blur of boots and the ridiculous elusiveness; before the first of his club’s European crucial back-to-back collisions with Munster on Saturday, Veainu’s life story should be compulsory for those who think professional players are all born lucky.

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