Lack of meaningful debate reigns over football’s proposed second tier | Jonathan Howcroft

Decisions about how the game is run in Australia continue to play out with a lack of transparency or accountability

There was an all-too brief but nonetheless glorious moment on Friday afternoon when meaningful debate on the future of Australian football threatened to emerge. This came in response to a discussion paper seeking feedback on a potential national second tier. Unfortunately the fun was over almost before it began with Football Federation Australia moving quickly to suck any breeze from the kite-flying exercise and issuing a media release stripping the conversation of any realism.

The proposed second tier, dubbed The Championship, is the brainchild of the Association of Australian Football Clubs, a lobby group formed to advance the cause of clubs competing in the National Premier League and the more than 30,000 players in their systems. Rabieh Krayem, the organisation’s chairman, said he was dismayed by the FFA’s reaction.

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