Kylian MBappé in poll position as France urges change after World Cup loss

Fans back teenage striker after Group A defeat by Sweden puts manager Didier Deschamps under pressure to give younger generation a chance

L’Equipe is running a poll on its website at the moment, giving readers the chance to put themselves inside Didier Deschamps’s head and select a full squad of 23 to take to the World Cup next summer. Around 300,000 have duly sifted through the long list and picked out their favourites in every position.

Unsurprisingly, Antoine Griezmann scores highly, included in more than 99% of the voters’ selections. Not so far behind, chosen by more than 97%, is a player who did not win his third cap until Friday. Kylian Mbappé has been included on the strength of his explosive season as football’s latest golden boy, on the assumption that he must be a natural at this level too.

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