Kyle Walker’s VAR escape shows up football’s dunderheaded experiment | Barney Ronay

No one really knows whether the Manchester City right-back should have been sent off – all we have are opinions

It seemed fitting that this FA Cup semi-final should end with Manchester City’s players keeping the ball in a kind of ad hoc rondo deep in the Brighton half, 1-0 up and just doing enough, their opponents held at arm’s length like an outmatched little brother, fists windmilling uselessly.

It seemed fitting the victory tune on the Wembley PA should be Wonderwall, with its downbeat, ruminative opening chords. It seemed fitting also that it should be Brighton’s fans who cheered loudest in those moments, the entire end on its feet applauding the players for reaching this far, for an energetic performance, and for the gift of one of those fun, frisky Saturdays where football becomes a carefree thing once again, even in defeat.

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