Kirsty Linnett and Chris Wood: life as a professional football couple

She plays for Liverpool, he for Burnley. They discuss equal pay, the pain of discovering your club has folded and being harsh about each other’s games

Chris Wood and Kirsty Linnett remember vividly the day the reality of life as a professional football couple became far removed from the dream. It was Friday 21 April 2017 and the two strikers, then of Leeds United and Notts County Ladies, were settling into the first home they had bought together two months earlier. As was their new puppy, Luna. It was also two days before the Women’s Super League Spring Series was due to start for Linnett with a trip to Arsenal.

“Kirsty came home and said: ‘Our club is no more,’” recalls Wood. “I said: ‘That can’t be possible. Notts County has folded?’ And she said: ‘No, just our side of it.’”

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