Karl Power and the art of the sporting blag

This week two lads blagged their way on to the Team GB medals bus, posing as athletes – but they’ve got a way to go before they can match up to Karl Power, the true master of the art

Karl Power can still play back in his mind the moment Gary Neville rumbled him. It was April 2001 and Manchester United were about to take on Bayern Munich in a Champions League quarter-final. As 60,000 fans watched the team line up for the official photo, a 12th man appeared in the back row in full away kit. Neville was the first to spot him.

“He points at me and says, ‘Who’s that?’, and I say to him, ‘Shut it, Gary, you grass, I’m doing it for Cantona’,” Power says from his home outside Manchester. Eric Cantona, then recently retired from the team, was his hero, and the stunt was in part a tribute to him. He had the Frenchman’s name on his replica away shirt, which still hangs in his wardrobe.

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