Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: A letter to NBA rookies – beware sharks, hazing and your own arrogance

A basketball career isn’t just about figuring out what kind of player you want to be, it’s also about figuring out what kind of man you want to be

Dear NBA rookie,

You have nothing to prove. As you start your NBA career this month, remember that you are one of the top basketball players in the country and you got here through discipline, hard work, and exceptional performance. You deserve to be here because of the many years of sacrifice you’ve made to train your body and hone your skills. You deserve to be here because, when you got drafted, your family threw that big celebration party for you and your tipsy uncle told you through boozy breath what a phenom he used to be back in the day. And you deserve to be here or your team wouldn’t have made you a millionaire.

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