José Mourinho and Mike Tyson are the heavyweights of counterpunching | Barney Ronay

The Manchester United manager’s tactics mirror those of boxing’s former world champion: get your retaliation in first

Mike Tyson has an interesting new book out called Iron Ambition. In it he talks about his violent childhood, explores his relationship with his late coach, the great Cus D’Amato, and kicks the whole thing off with a passage about wandering around his old Brooklyn neighbourhood, marvelling at the gentrification, tourists and, above all, the sight of people taking selfies all over the place.

Like many other grouchy middle-aged men Mike hasn’t, you sense, fully engaged with the selfie craze. “Imagine trying to do that with the people I was hanging out with in Times Square,” he writes. “‘Hey man, let’s take a selfie!’ Motherfuckers would start beating on you and leave you in a coma in the street.” We can never go back, of course. But in many ways, happier, wiser times.

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