Jordan Spieth and US happy to tackle issue of the Ryder Cup head on | Ewan Murray

Players would not usually be willing to anticipate the biennial event just yet but the Americans seem intent on starting over with a fresh, positive mindset

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Ryder Cup chat among leading players was classed as taboo until at least August. “I’m not even thinking about that” would be a standard reply until the biennial meeting of Europe and the United States was homing firmly into view. Phil Mickelson once insisted at a Scottish Open – in July – that it was “much too soon” to contemplate a Ryder Cup that was a mere two and a half months away.

Not so anymore, it seems, particularly amongst the American contingent. On Wednesday in Abu Dhabi, where he would be perfectly entitled to focus attention on upcoming individual pursuits, Jordan Spieth provided a striking synopsis of where the Ryder Cup sits in his 2016 plans. Dodge the question? Quite the opposite.

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