Jonny May: ‘I am just trying to be my best. I’ve always had a belief inside’

Maverick England wing is a source of amusement among team-mates, once risking Eddie Jones’s ire by sneaking to the toilet during a team meeting, but an obsessive streak lies beneath the surface

There is a lot about Jonny May that people do not know. His team-mates may be unaware, for instance, that his mother, Hazel, is a well-regarded occupational therapist who has written books about dementia. Or that, in the Gloucester wing’s opinion, there may be a bit of Fijian in him: “We’ve a bit of an odd family tree. My dad was adopted and we have a picture of my great gran and she looks like a Pacific Islander. We don’t really know where she was from but I joke about having a bit of islander in me with the islanders at the club.”

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