John Daly’s buggy gives us a joyride in front of po-faced golf authorities

It’s hard to escape the sense that the powers-that-be just feel someone like Daly makes the place untidy

News that the R&A is considering John Daly’s request for permission to use a buggy for July’s Open at Royal Portrush has been met by a growing chorus of people saying that it shouldn’t be. The argument seems to be that golf has worked hard not to be seen as something that fat middle-aged guys can win – I paraphrase slightly – and that Daly using a buggy would make a mockery of all that valuable progress, even though no one else would probably ever seek to do it. And even though that was one of the fun things about golf – which is, let’s face it, still not the 100 metres final.

If you missed the background to all this, Daly went round last week’s US PGA Championship in a buggy, in which he had stashed the usual pack of fags and a McDonald’s cup. Owing to the osteoarthritis in a knee, he successfully applied under disability legislation. Alas, the decision was frowned upon by various bores, including Tiger Woods, who sniffed: “I walked with a broken leg …” Which, for me, served as one of those bi-weekly reminders of how it’s possible to love Woods and absolutely hate pretty much everything about him. I guess each man has his appetites to master, so it did make me wonder if Woods ever had sex with any of his cocktail waitresses with a broken leg. If so: well done, champ. You’re a real hero.

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