John Bostock: ‘You see life differently when you’re that close to death’

The former Crystal Palace prodigy, now playing in Turkey, tells how surviving a horrific crash gave him a broader perspective on his life and career

Footballers enjoy privileges that few can aspire to but for John Bostock the simple pleasure of being alive is enough. Last year when travelling back home in England following a game for his French team Lens, the former Crystal Palace midfielder suffered a head-on crash while driving down the motorway at 3am. The other driver was drunk and going the wrong way at 70mph, resulting in his passenger dying and Bostock’s car being a crumpled heap, but he was miraculously unhurt.

“Scientifically, I probably shouldn’t have survived that crash. Two cars hitting each other head-on at 70mph, it made me appreciate life, appreciate family and appreciate the gift that we have to live every day,” Bostock says as we sit in the dugout at his new club, Bursaspor. “It was a big wake-up call, something that there isn’t a plan to get over. You just have to focus on the future and take every day as it comes, appreciate life for what it is. I am grateful that I went through it because you see life in a different way when you’re that close to death.”

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