Jofra Archer fiddle-faddle shows England still getting World Cup wrong | Barney Ronay

Pace bowler qualifies to play for England on Sunday but picking him this late for the tournament would be a bad decision

A weird thing kept happening during the TV broadcast of England’s white-ball series against West Indies. Whenever an English batsman steered the ball down to third man the camera would pan after it and viewers would catch a brief glimpse of something startling, a kind of apparition in the corner of the screen.

Look back at the highlights and there it is again: a tall, frighteningly still figure, half-glimpsed against the green. Some ancient pastoral scarecrow, a spirit of the land perhaps. Or maybe even death himself, lurking at the edge of your vision saying, yes, even here in this boozy island paradise I am among you. Fielding inside the circle. With a sunhat on. Occasionally pretending to jog after the ball and – actually, hang on, it’s just Chris Gayle fielding at point.

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