Jimmy Greaves takes a curtain call – archive, 18 October 1972

18 October 1972 At the end of his last match the crowd sang for Greaves and chanted “Jimmy for England”

Tottenham Hotspur 2, Feyenoord 1

The crowd was only slightly smaller than for the visit of West Ham United, the mood was nostalgic, the entertainment excellent, and the result predictable, even to the scorer of the first goal. Everything was as it should be at White Hart Lane last night for positively the last performance of Jimmy Greaves. As Tottenham Hotspur beat their Dutch visitors Feyenoord 2-1 in this testimonial match the bovver boots stamped out a rhythm of approval, the chanting was warm and witty, and the notorious North Bank led a session in which they invited 45,000 others to join them in “All who love Jimmy clap your hands.”

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