Jérôme Champagne blasts ‘golddiggers’ as Fifa presidency bid falters

• Champagne struggling to obtain required backing to challenge Blatter
• ‘Golddiggers openly use Fifa for their own benefit, rather than being of service’
• Ginola’s election publicity stunt just adds to the Fifa stench

Jérôme Champagne, the former senior Fifa executive who is seeking to replace Sepp Blatter as president, has admitted that he has yet to gain the five nominations required from member associations in order to stand, and has hit out at his rivals describing them as “golddiggers”.

The former French diplomat, a close ally of Blatter until he was ousted from Fifa amid a power struggle in 2009, has made a desperate last-ditch appeal to the 209 member associations in a bid to gain the required nominations by 29 January.

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