Jermain Defoe wants to help save Sunderland and regain England place

Defoe suffered a culture shock with Toronto in the MLS but thinks he can play international football as a Sunderland player
Jermain Defoe: Toronto taunts hurt me

Jermain Defoe smiles when people talk about Sunderland being isolated and a long way from London. “It’s closer than Toronto,” says the former Tottenham striker. “My first game over there was a five-hour flight away at Seattle and that was one of the shorter ones.”

Much as Defoe enjoyed that year-long transatlantic stint playing Major League Soccer he is clearly delighted to be back in his natural Premier League habitat. “There was a lot of travelling in the MLS,” says the man Gus Poyet believes can steer Sunderland clear of another relegation skirmish. “People moaned about the travelling. But the whole thing was different.”

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