Jay Rodriguez to be reported to FA over alleged remark to Gaëtan Bong

• Incident took place during West Brom’s 2-0 home win
• Striker Rodriguez pinched nose after clashing with Brighton defender

The West Brom forward Jay Rodriguez will be reported to the Football Association for a remark allegedly made to the Brighton defender Gaëtan Bong. Neither manager would comment on the nature of Rodriguez’s alleged comment but it was passed on to the referee, who is obliged to include it in his report, meaning the matter will be looked into by the FA.

The incident is thought to have taken place during the second half of West Brom’s 2-0 victory. Rodriguez pinched his nose after clashing with Bong, who alerted the match officials moments later. The Brighton manager, Chris Hughton, said: “Gaëtan Bong has reported Jay Rodriguez for something that has been said to him. It’s been handled in the correct manner by the referee. The referee is aware of what the allegations are and that will go through to the FA.

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