Jarrell Miller can’t beat me even on his best day, says Anthony Joshua

• UK fighter says outspoken American is ‘jealous’ of him
• ‘He’s slow, he’s not a puncher ... I can’t really respect that’

So much of the early buildup to Anthony Joshua’s forthcoming defence of the WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight titles has centred on those the British champion will not be fighting on 1 June at Madison Square Garden instead of on Brooklyn’s Jarrell Miller. That is more than fine with Joshua, who understands that fans would rather be served a long-awaited summit meeting with Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury than Miller, an unfancied former kickboxer who has been installed as a 5-1 underdog in the contest.

“My view on the whole situation is they’ll appreciate you when you’re done,” Joshua said on Tuesday at the Garden. “So right now I’m just going with where the best opportunities are and I’m making the right decisions for the long term. I’ll beat up Jarrell Miller, and what that then does help me do is say to Wilder: ‘Look, if you don’t want want to come to the UK, you’ve seen what we’ve done in the US, so let’s work on having it here on both of our terms.’”

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