Jan Vertonghen: the hangdog warrior who keeps Tottenham thinking big

The Belgian has become the complete centre-back under Mauricio Pochettino and is desperate for trophies even if he doesn’t show it like Giorgio Chiellini

For Jan Vertonghen and his Tottenham team?mates the inquest began in the minutes after full-time at Wembley, continued over breakfast at Hotspur Way the following morning and carried on into the dressing room before training. The ghosts of Juventus will not disappear easily; nobody could really expect them to, but times like this demand that balance quickly overrides emotion. Paulo Dybala’s dead-eyed finish and the Chiellini?Buffon rockface on which Spurs dashed their heads thereafter had provided object lessons; then again, Tottenham had convinced themselves of a few things too.

“If you see how they approach the games, and how they live and play the game, you can definitely learn from it,” Vertonghen says of that weatherbeaten Juve core. “I don’t think we are far away from that but they have the experience over us and the way they approached the game is impressive.”

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