Jamie Murray: ‘You won’t get another Andy for God knows how long’

The doubles player on possibly facing his brother at Wimbledon, the joy of seeing him back on the court and his passion for grassroots tennis

“You never know where your next champion might be,” Jamie Murray says as he munches on an energy bar at the end of a morning introducing disadvantaged children to the wonders and frustrations of tennis. “The more kids that have a chance to pick up a racket the better. If you don’t get the opportunity you have no chance.”

We are sitting above a plush indoor court at the Roehampton Club in south-west London, not far from the National Tennis Centre. Looking out at the impressive facilities, the thought occurs that this should be a time of roaring success for British tennis. Yet nobody is quite sure what the future holds and Murray, a man who chooses his words carefully, as though he wants each one to count, is keeping a watchful eye on the Lawn Tennis Association’s next steps.

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