James Vince can look a million bucks with his drives but he’s an enigma | Jason Gillespie

England’s No3 is vulnerable through that slightly open bat face, while Alastair Cook’s Ashes game plan against the spinner Nathan Lyon isn’t clear, which is puzzling for a champion cricketer about to play his 150th Test in Perth

Joe Root’s optimism after the defeat in Adelaide was to be expected. You don’t throw the towel in from 2-0 down, however much history is against you. That said, the way Australia’s bowlers are slicing through England is all pointing to the Ashes changing hands.

Much was made of Root’s decision to bowl first – more on that later – but right now, four innings into the series without a hundred from a touring batsman and only one total a nudge above 300, it doesn’t take a genius to work out where the problem lies for the England captain.

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