Jacobus Reinach try seals Northampton comeback against Clermont Auvergne

• Northampton 34-21 Clermont Auvergne
• Saints trailed French opponents by five points at half-time

The revival continues. Northampton’s hopes in Europe have long gone, along with most of the dignity they bore into this season, but they have salvaged what little of that they had left and made it into a little more. Their realistic ambitions for the rest of this season may not extend much beyond scrapping their way back into this very competition for next, but a scratchy, desperate win last week has been followed up by this classy effort against the French champions.

By the end, every collision and decision was going their way. Clermont still have their destiny in their own hands – a win next week at home to the Ospreys will certainly see them through – but the injury-ravaged Frenchmen here ended up looking shaky, as they have proved in domestic rugby this season, rather than in the imperious form they have shown in Europe.

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