It is time for female footballers to be treated as equals | Suzanne Wrack

A survey showed that 88% of Women’s Super League players earn less than £18,000 a year and Phil Neville is right to want England’s women to fly in the same comfort as the men

International Women’s Day saw clubs putting their women’s teams front and centre. There were powerful messages from players and moving videos from the Football Association about different journeys taken into the national game. Manchester City even went as far as changing their Twitter handle to Womanchester City for the day – joining other organisations across the city.

And it is right that, on such an important day for women globally, those invested in women’s football promote both the game and those who have fought over the years for the right to play. Because if you look beyond the newest generation of players, every woman that has laced up boots in the past century has done so against a backdrop of hostility.

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