Isaac Makwala sets up showdown with Wayne van Niekerk after beating illness

• Makwala successfully negotiates lone time trial and then a semi-final
• Mo Farah through to 5,000m final despite stiff legs after 10,000m win

It has taken a series of plot twists worthy of a Hollywood thriller. But now, staggeringly, the world championships has the showdown between Wayde van Niekerk and Isaac Makwala, the usual suspects in the 200m and 400m all season, it has craved all along.

First Makwala illustrated powers of recovery worthy of Lazarus to lift himself off his sick bed to qualify for the 200m final with two stupendous runs in the space of two hours. Then Van Niekerk, desperately weary after winning the 400m final and chilled to the bone by the London weather, struggled through to join him as a faster loser in his heat.

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