Is McLaren’s lack of competitiveness harming their reputation and heritage?

McLaren’s blank season needs to get going this weekend at Monaco although the team admit they show little sign of improving any time soon

When Howden Ganley arrived for his first day at work with Bruce McLaren, as the team’s third employee, he found a concrete prefab full of earthmoving equipment on a dirt floor. Humble beginnings for a team that would become one of the longest serving and most successful in Formula One, driven not only by the vision and ambition of its founder but also by McLaren’s ability to inspire those around him.

As Ganley notes: “If Bruce had said down tools and march into the Sahara, we would have done it without a question.” McLaren left a remarkable legacy for his team who, now more than ever, need the inspiration he engendered in that prefab in New Malden.

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