Is Australia’s dire Olympic broadcasting track record to improve in Rio? | Paul Connolly

The days of moaning ‘at least we’re not paying for this rubbish’ are almost gone and the pressure is on Channel Seven to deliver in their broadcasts from Rio

Television was introduced to Australia in 1956 which meant, among other things, that the ABC’s historic broadcast of that year’s Melbourne Olympic Games relied upon obviously inexperienced TV crews, cannon-sized cameras that took an hour to warm up and, as its mission control, a Morris van that a Mr Whippy franchisee would consider a little on the squeezy side.

As such, it is doubtful that Australians were unhappy with the ABC’s live footage of the Games. Indeed, watching real-time action on their (or someone else’s) boxy black and white sets must have seemed as extraordinary as the world-beating deeds of Betty Cuthbert and co.

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