Intimacy, awe and a salute to Gazza: Spurs throw open doors to new home

Mauricio Pochettino gazed on as the first event at his club’s new stadium revealed a sporting arena to take the breath away

One word: Wow. Tottenham fans have had to wait for the delivery of their new stadium – goodness knows, they have had to wait. The delays have scarred the season, creating an unsettling limbo and driving Mauricio Pochettino to distraction. But on a sunny spring afternoon, when the club’s under-18s took on their Southampton counterparts to become the first players to grace the turf, the frustration seemed to melt away. Suddenly it all felt worth it.

Wow. Every supporter in attendance seemed to be wearing the same childlike expression – eyes widening in amazement, lost in wonder – when they entered the bowl. The hum of appreciation provided the soundtrack to what was the first of two test events the club must stage in order to be granted their safety certificate.

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