Inside 50: Travis Cloke might enter the trade market, but which club needs him?

A swaggering and destructive key forward not long ago, Collingwood’s Travis Cloke faces an uncertain future as AFL trade speculation gathers momentum

If the business of football can be something of a grind in 2016, there is at least solace in the annual laugh-fest that is AFL trade period, when clubs pull out their wallets, player agents start revving their engines and just occasionally, find that their brains have clicked into gear as well.

Maybe round 12 is a little early to be thinking beyond September, but looming beyond the premiership horizon this year is the prospect of any one of the 17 clubs who aren’t Collingwood either winning or losing the Travis Cloke raffle, and rest deciding exactly what does constitute a win and a loss in this scenario. Like Cloke’s recent form, it’s all a little bit confusing for now.

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