India v South Africa: ICC Champions Trophy 2017 – live!

1st over: India 0-0 (Rohit 0, Dhawan 0) Kagiso Rabada takes the opening over. South Africa should turn this into a Test match, like Australia did so successfully for a time yesterday. That’s what Rabada does, with two slips and an excellent fifth-stump line. Rohit is beaten by a good delivery and plays out the rest of the over cautiously. A maiden.

“So, let’s get it out of the way,” says John Beaven. “Was that the chokiest choke since the last time serial chokers South Africa choked?”

South Africa are in a huddle, but their body language isn’t exactly threatening to break the positivityometer. Seven Nation Army, the Michael van Gerwen anthem, plays on the tannoy. I suspect that, in the post-match interviews, the message coming from AB de Villiers’ eyes will say: leave it alone. He doesn’t deserve this.

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