India v England: third T20 international – live!

3rd over: India 17-1 (Rahul 2, Raina 9) Raina tries to chip Mills over mid-off but can’t get hold of a pacy accurate delivery and it bounces once before reaching the fielder. The bowler’s second legside wide of the match follows. Mills is mostly on top of the batsmen though and he beats Raina for pace when the batsman steps back and tries to carve a legside ball through the offside. A scurried single is followed by a short bouncer that Rahul hooks and misses at. Another good over is undone at its end by a magnificently driven and timed offside SIX from Raina, meeting a full delivery and sending it over the ropes.

“It’s ironic that England has such a strong limited overs side, given the relative lack of enthusiasm among England supporters for pyjama cricket,” writes Niggen Nuggehali. “Perhaps this will change once England begin winning more games. Or do you think the tail can’t wag the dog?” Of course, to continue riffing on our 25-30 years ago theme, the last time England had a consistently better limited-overs side than their Test one was the late 80s/early 90s, but it didn’t, and hasn’t, stopped that era being seen as one of decline and doldrums.

2nd over: India 8-1 (Rahul 1, Raina 2) The booming PA system – which makes Wembley’s sound like whispering Bob Harris – cranks up the exhortations of support for the home team as Jordan opens up from the other end. And gets a breakthrough straight away, hitting the stumps to run out Kohli after a half-hearted lbw appeal prompted the India captain to attempt a daft run for a leg-bye. It’s been a slightly underwhelming series for Kohli. Raina comes in next and is off the mark with a cover drive for one. Jordan keeps it tight – what an asset he is in this form of the game – and India can’t puncture the in-field until Raina dabs a shorter wider ball outside off-stump down to deep point but it only brings a single. A fine over.

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