In the Ched Evans case the victim must always be remembered

It is not yet the right time for Ched Evans to be featuring in team pictures of beloved clubs which will decorate the bedrooms of children

The debates about whether the convicted rapist Ched Evans should resume a professional football career so soon after his release from prison, re-heated now by reports that Oldham Athletic are to sign him, often mention his victim last, with a faint reminder that she should not be forgotten. Putting the victim first lends a different orientation to this unprecedented legal and moral maze for football, which circles around whether Evans has a right to earn his living as a footballer, having served his time for a despicable crime about which he maintains his innocence.

His victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons but has been repeatedly identified by internet hounds, was found by a jury to have been raped aged 19 by Evans, after she bumped into Evans’s friend, Clayton McDonald, also a footballer, at 4am in a kebab shop in Rhyl.

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