‘I didn’t breathe for the last 10 minutes’: how we watch the World Cup

Photographer Christian Sinibaldi captures the joy and despair in British living rooms, as fans from Iceland to Iran, Serbia to South Korea, support their teams. Interviews by Erica Buist and Deborah Linton

When Christian Sinibaldi turned up at homes across England to photograph fans watching the World Cup, he was overwhelmed by every nationality’s hospitality. “And their food,” he says. “I’ve eaten a lot of crisps and beer, but also the traditional Brazilian dish of feijoada in north London, Mexican quesadillas and guacamole in Putney, and a lovely Moroccan tagine cooked on the barbecue in Letchworth.”

Sinibaldi sat with a fixed camera near the television screen and never asked anyone to pose: he didn’t need to. “Pretty much as soon as the match got under way, they forgot I was there.” He enjoyed watching the tension build. “Very few people left the room or changed positions throughout the game. They were glued to their chairs.”

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