Hurricane Suárez unleashed in spectacular Atlético Madrid arrival | Sid Lowe

In a debut lasting less than 23 minutes, Atlético’s new signing won and lost a penalty, hit the post and scored two goals

There was a smattering of applause from the 60 or 70 people sitting in the shade of the stand and then someone started shouting: “Uruguayo! Uruguayo!” Luis Suárez’s number had been up a while, forced to wait a couple more minutes for his Atlético Madrid debut, but now his time had come. He stood pitchside with Thomas Partey and Marcos Llorente watching Diego Costa walk his way. Briefly they embraced and then he set off towards the sunshine, greeting João Félix as he went. It was 5.31pm on the first day of Atlético’s season and their new signing wasn’t going to get 90 minutes. He wasn’t going to need them either.

Ninety seconds would do for starters.

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