Hull City remain a club pockmarked by rancour under Allams’ ownership | David Conn

To have generated unrest and disillusionment among many fans seems all the more unnecessary given the Allams’ tenure has been the most successful in the club’s history

The semi-detached owners of Hull City spent their long, cold January insisting to widely disaffected supporters that they are not just clearing the decks, hauling in all the money they can net, and battening down for the anticipated relegation of a club they are trying to sell. The £20m trawled from selling Jake Livermore and the season’s brightest attacking force, Robert Snodgrass, did not greatly help their case but the vice-chairman, Ehab Allam, did spend his transfer window final day in a flurry of deadline trading.

Sources close to the club say the aim of the Allams, Ehab and his father Assem, who is suffering ill-health, is to make a £40m cash surplus this season, given their small squad and £100m or more gushing in from the Premier League’s lavish 2016-19 TV deals.

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