Huddersfield Town v Liverpool: Premier League – live!

“Simon, instead of just repeating Klopp’s allegation re BT, could you get one of your journalist pals to ask the question why there were only four minutes added on when VAR wasted 10 minutes?” suggests Andrew Champney. I fear it will remain a mystery. PGMOL have released a brief statement, however, which places all the blame upon the VAR of the day, who I believe was Andre Marriner:

The VAR official will advise the fourth official on the number of minutes to be included as added time for each half in respect of any time lost through VAR. Broadcasters are not involved in this process.

David Wagner speaks:

We’ll see if it’s a good time [to play Liverpool] or not. For sure, both teams aren’t having the best run at the minute. It’s up to us to make the best out of it. Will I surprise him? Usually he knows everything about me. Maybe we’ll surprise him, maybe not. We’ll see.

[On the changes to his team] Changes are part of the game. Usually we make changes. To be honest I’ve no idea how many. We wanted to have fresh legs. We wanted to have power in the game, pace in the game, and we’ll see. Hopefully there will be a surprise.

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