How the mighty Glasgow Rangers have fallen

Once a power in Europe, with weekly crowds of more than 50,000, this is what Rangers have come to – playing Alloa. Graham Spiers reveals the cascade of poor decisions and dodgy deals which ruined the historic club

It was once said that there were three main pillars of Scottish public life: the Church of Scotland, the unique Scottish legal system and Rangers Football Club. All three have had their trials down the years. The Church staggers on, its numbers down. Scottish law has also suffered its controversies and travails. But neither has agonised or been abused or so spectacularly imploded like Rangers FC.

Once the great bastion of Scottish and British football, Rangers are broken, have suffered liquidation and are now limping back from the grave, a phoenix club trying to reclaim its former heights. I’ve been everywhere with Rangers in my time – Barcelona, Milan, Paris, to the great eastern European outposts and beyond – entering some grand arenas to follow the club’s progress. Last weekend the journey took me to Recreation Park in Alloa – capacity 3,100 – for a further forlorn stop in this infamous tragedy.

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