How Simone Biles came to wield incomparable influence in gymnastics | Beau Dure

The 21-year-old is known for her skills in competition but such is her status she is now influencing how gymnastics is governed

Plenty of athletes have the power to transform their sports. LeBron James changes the balance of power in the NBA every time he moves teams. Serena Williams has forced tennis to confront issues of racism and sexism. Neymar’s contract demands may soon affect global GDP rankings.

We should now include a 4ft 8in 21-year-old on that list. Through a perfect storm of circumstances – a strong claim to be the greatest ever in her sport and a series of misadventures in her national federation – she wields incomparable influence. She’s Simone Biles, and she is changing gymnastics in innumerable ways.

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