How Philadelphia became the unlikely epicenter of American cricket

Cricket’s roots run surprisingly deep through American history – with Philadelphia playing an unlikely part as the sport’s stateside epicenter

The greatest bowler – arguably – in cricket’s long history was an American. Let that sink in for a moment.

Here’s another fact: cricket was America’s first modern team sport.

Look at the cricketers in their loose fitting, comfortable uniforms, their faces beaming with, good humour and ruddy health, engendered by exercise. Note the eager anxiety of the fielders, their mortification at an overthrow, or a chance for a catch not taken advantage of; see the high ascending ball, and hear the joyous shout of the triumph, as some unfortunate batsman gets permission to retire to the tent, and if you do not leave the ground impressed with the beauty and the utility of the game, why then-you were not cut out for a cricketer.

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