How Paderborn went from top of the Bundesliga to three straight relegations

Paderborn topped the Bundesliga in 2014 but now face the prospect of playing amateur clubs in the fourth tier – unless 1860 Munich come to their rescue

By Jason Humphreys for Englische Woche, part of the Guardian Sport Network

The Stoppelkamp-Alle is a rather unusual boulevard that runs for precisely 82.3 metres in front of the Benteler-Arena, home of SC Paderborn 07. It was opened in October 2014, just weeks after the man who inspired it, Moritz Stoppelkamp, had scored the club’s most famous goal against Hannover 96, from the same distance. The goal came at a high point for the club, on the day they moved to the top of the Bundesliga for the first time in their history.

Less than three years later and Paderborn have fallen through the trapdoor, out of the third division into the Regionalliga and amateur football. Three relegations in three years: a feat never before “achieved” in professional German football. Paderborn put up a fight at the bitter end but by the time they started swinging it was already too late.

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