How incompetence laid low the Cowboys, the world’s most valuable sports team

Dallas are set to miss the playoffs for the seventh time in nine seasons. And the problems start at the top with the team’s notorious owner

Who could have imagined in 2016 where we’d be now? When the Dallas Cowboys were stomping through the NFC, thanks to a pair of rookies and a formidable offensive line, it looked like they were set for the next decade-plus. And yet, here we are, with Dallas great Troy Aikman publicly calling for a “complete overhaul” of the most valuable sports franchise in the world. How quickly the NFL chews you up and spits you out.

The Cowboys – a team valued at $4.8bn – are in all sorts of turmoil. Last Monday’s loss at home to the Titans served as an example to all that’s been endemic during the Jerry Jones-Jason Garrett era: incompetence. incompetence in their roster construction. incompetence in their gameplans. incompetence in their belief that some hallowed Cowboy Way is the only way.

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