How George Saunders became the only British footballer in South America

When George Saunders’ parents swapped Islington for Spain the young footballer gave up his dream of playing for Arsenal, but a new adventure was just beginning

By Matt Stanger for The Set Pieces, part of the Guardian Sport Network

Being the only professional British footballer in South America might seem a daunting prospect for some but George Saunders isn’t fazed by the challenges of his unusual career path. “A lot of people are in the comfort zone but sometimes in life you’ve got to take a risk,” he says. “You never know what’s going to happen. I took a risk coming out to Colombia and now I’m living the dream.”

Saunders is the first Englishman to play in the Colombian top flight since the El Dorado era of the early 1950s, when a Fifa-imposed suspension on the league allowed clubs to sign players without having to pay transfer fees, thus enabling them to offer vastly increased wages.

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