How do I feel seeing my records get broken? Inspired | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

As the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, I want to see my records broken as doing so is one more benchmark of human progress

Every time I’m introduced in a public setting, my list of NBA records is announced. There aren’t as many now as there were when I retired, so at least my introduction takes less time. But whenever someone closes in on one of my remaining records, especially the Moby-Dick as the all-time leading scorer, I’m asked by dozens of media people whether I think they can do it and how I’ll feel if they do. It’s as if people think I’m sitting home watching the games chanting: Miss! Miss! Miss! Actually, when I see these talented veteran players’ remarkable athleticism while shooting, blocking and rebounding, I’m cheering them on with “Go, man, go!” which also is the title of a 1954 movie about the Harlem Globetrotters that first inspired my interest in basketball. I want them to break my records because doing so is one more benchmark of human progress.

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