How are you watching the Olympics? And do you have a story from Rio?

Whether you’re watching in person or from your sofa at home, we want to see how you are experiencing the Olympic Games – and hear any stories from Rio

The greatest show on Earth has arrived. And it’s here to stay for the next few weeks, so feel free to make the most of it by sharing your photos and stories of watching the Games with us – wherever you are in the world. The next Olympics won’t be around for another 1,452 days, so don’t be shy.

If you’re in Rio and have a story you think we should tell, let us know. You can share your stories, videos and photos (but not any taken inside the venues) via GuardianWitness by clicking on the blue “contribute” button, or by using the form below. We’ll use them in our live blogs and piece them together into a gallery at the end of the Games. Enjoy the sport.

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