Houston Texans star dresses in prison jumpsuit after owner’s inmate comments

  • Jadeveon Clowney wore jail outfit to Halloween party on Monday
  • Team spokesperson denies costume was a shot at Bob McNair

On Sunday, the Houston Texans made it clear what they thought of the team’s owner apparently describing NFL players as “inmates” when the majority of the roster knelt for the national anthem. The Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney followed that up by dressing in a prison jumpsuit at a Halloween party on Monday night.

The Texans, however, have denied it was a jab at owner Bob McNair. “[There] “was no hidden meaning behind his Halloween costume,” the Texans’ senior director of communications, Amy Palcic, told the Houston Chronicle. “He was not taking a ‘shot’ at anyone. It was just that – a costume at a Halloween party.”

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